DHCP Option 43 Calculator

In wireless networking, DHCP Option 43 is often used to provide lightweight Wireless Access Points (APs) with the IP addresses of Wireless Controllers as the APs are added to a network. Obtaining the necessary controller addresses dynamically through Option 43 simplifies the deployment process for network administrators.

This dynamic configuration capability is a significant improvement over manual methods. It allows for more efficient network management and deployment, especially in large-scale wireless networks where manual provisioning of each device would be impractical.

This tool generates the DHCP Option 43 value for common wireless vendors for server systems that require the IP address to be listed in hexadecimal format. If a vendor isn’t listed here, they likely require the IP address to be listed in ASCII format or only support a single address to be entered. Option 43 can also be utilised with other DHCP scope options to provide more scale and flexibility.