Posts about wireless networking topics relating to CWNA and CWNP study. Covering everything required to pass the exams and more!

Wi-Fi Antenna Types and Their Characteristics

Introduction to Antenna Concepts Antenna Types Omnidirectional antennas Semi-directional Antennas Planar Antenna Sector Antenna Highly Directional Antennas Yagi Antenna Parabolic Dish Antenna Grid Antenna Antenna Comparison Understanding Antenna Radiation Azimuth and Elevation Charts Interpreting Polar Charts The Logarithmic Nature of dB Scales Practical Application Beamwidth …

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Understanding RF Math

In the world of wireless design, an engineer must strike a delicate balance between coverage and performance. A high-speed wireless network doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the outcome of careful design and consideration where the art and science of Radio Frequency (RF) mathematics come into …

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Wi-Fi Communications Components

Many factors contribute to the successful transmission and reception of a wireless signal. This post will focus on the most common Wi-Fi communications components and each device’s role in transferring data in wireless systems. Wi-Fi Component Overview The image below illustrates the key components discussed …

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Radio Frequency Fundamentals

What is a Radio Frequency? Radio frequency (RF) is a form of electromagnetic energy typically used in wireless communications systems. RF signals are generated by a transmitting device as an alternating current (AC) which produces electromagnetic waves as it radiates away from the device’s antenna. …

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IEEE 802.11 Standard and Amendments

This article outlines the complete list of 802.11 standards and amendments and is updated as developments are made. As each 802.11 standard is updated by the IEEE, the previous iterations and any amendments that exist at the time are revised and incorporated into a single …

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