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Discover Windows Wi-Fi Capabilities with PowerShell

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the importance of understanding the Wi-Fi capabilities of mobile devices. The post dives deep into how these capabilities influence Wi-Fi network modifications and the decision-making process. You can read more about it here. When designing or upgrading …

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Wi-Fi Antenna Types and Their Characteristics

Introduction to Antenna Concepts Antenna Types Omnidirectional antennas Semi-directional Antennas Planar Antenna Sector Antenna Highly Directional Antennas Yagi Antenna Parabolic Dish Antenna Grid Antenna Antenna Comparison Understanding Antenna Radiation Azimuth and Elevation Charts Interpreting Polar Charts The Logarithmic Nature of dB Scales Practical Application Beamwidth …

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Wi-Fi Communications Components

Many factors contribute to the successful transmission and reception of a wireless signal. This post will focus on the most common Wi-Fi communications components and each device’s role in transferring data in wireless systems. Wi-Fi Component Overview The image below illustrates the key components discussed …

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Do you know the wireless capabilities of your mobile devices? Here’s why you should.

You’ve just purchased some shiny new Wireless Access Points from Vendor X. Vendor X has promised you lightning-fast, wired-like connection speeds. Product datasheets speak of incomprehensible Wi-Fi data rates and sky-high maximum client connection limits; it all sounds great! You deploy the APs which are …

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Why Proper Design Is Key to Your Wi-Fi 6 Refresh

802.11ax – better known as Wi-Fi 6, is the latest Wi-Fi specification standard capable of delivering greater performance and capacity, enhanced security, more range, and increased efficiencies unrivalled by the Wi-Fi generations that came before it. The latest standard is still yet to be ratified, …

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